What to do if you find torn notes at an ATM booth

Cash withdrawals from ATM booths have become quite popular. ATM booths are becoming more and more popular as money can be easily withdrawn from bank accounts from anywhere. We have already learned in another post what to do if you get fake notes from an ATM booth. But what if you get torn notes at the ATM booth? In this post, you will know about what to do if you get torn notes in an ATM booth.

If you have a bank account, you may have a credit card or debit card. And having a debit card means you must withdraw money from the ATM booth. Now when he went to withdraw the money, he saw that there were torn notes in the withdrawn money. This post will discuss what to do with the torn notes found in ATM booths.

What to do if you find torn notes at an ATM booth

Got torn money to withdraw money from ATM booth in case of emergency? No reason to worry. This post discusses what to do when you get torn money at an ATM booth, let’s find out.

  • Before withdrawing money from the ATM booth, make sure that the money received is counterfeit or torn
  • If there is a torn note in the received money, do not put it in your pocket or leave the booth. Regardless of the amount of money, always follow this same rule
  • Now hold the torn note with both hands in front of the camera on top of the ATM machine in such a way that the torn part of the note and the number of the note can be seen in the camera. If you find more than one torn note, hold each note separately in front of the camera. The torn note obtained by this subject serves as proof that it came from the ATM
  • Do not leave the booth, call the security guard on duty outside and inform the guard about the receipt of torn notes. He will note down all the important and necessary information in the notebook kept by the guard
  • Collect the number of the machine at the ATM booth and go to the nearest branch of your bank
  • If you can go to the bank branch during office hours, you can complain directly to the cash counter. Assist the working officer by providing all the necessary information while filing the complaint
  • If the message alert of the mobile is already on, you can also show the SMS received on the phone as proof of withdrawal.
  • If the torn note is torn in small quantity, then the note will be exchanged at the counter of the bank branch and new note will be issued.
  • But if the condition of the note received is more serious then in that case you have to fill a form first and complain
  • After submitting the complaint, your torn note will be changed and a new note will be issued

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What to do if you find torn notes at an ATM booth

যা It is important to keep in mind while withdrawing money from ATM booths

In this way, the torn money received from the ATM booth can be easily exchanged from the bank branch. Note that in case of torn notes, the rules of each bank may be different. However, in most cases the torn notes are exchanged directly from the bank branch immediately.

Some banks complained but the torn money was exchanged. In many banks, the torn notes received within the next 7 working days are credited to the bank account.

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