What is a dumbphone? What are the benefits? Learn about the best dumbphone models

Dumbphones are becoming quite popular these days due to the proliferation of anti-online thinking. In this post, you will learn about what dumbphones are, why dumbphones are becoming popular, and some popular dumbphones.

What is a dumbphone? What is Dumbphone?

A phone with low computing power without internet is called a dumbphone. These phones are also called feature phones or basic phones along with dumb phones. This dumbphone can be the best companion to take a break from the complicated world of smartphones.

It is safe to say that there is nothing that cannot be done in today’s smartphones. Smartphones have many uses. However, one of the main purposes of mobile, the smartphone is not used much in terms of voice calls. On the other hand, dumbphones are like the phones of the past era, these phones do not have any special features except calls. These phones have 9 (T9) keys through which SMS or numbers can be written. Some dumbphones also have additional features like MP3 players and simple games, these phones are called feature phones.

The price and usage cost of dumbphone is much less than the cost and usage cost of a normal smartphone. Again, due to not having more features, these phones can run for a long time even with low power once charged. Besides, since connectivity is quite limited, the security risk is quite low in dumbphones, where smartphone hacking incidents are frequent.

Why is dumbphone popular?

Dumbphones are mostly seen in the elderly. They use these ordinary phones as they are not as proficient as the youth in operating smartphones. But the fact that the dumbphone is so common makes it extraordinary. Nowadays almost everyone has a dumbphone as a secondary device for calling.

Not only the secondary device, many have chosen the dumbphone as their primary device as well. The reason for this is to lead a humane life by keeping ourselves away from smartphones and internet nets. Because of smartphones, we sometimes forget that there is a world beyond it. Recently, the popularity of dumbphone has increased to eliminate the excess of smartphone use.

Many people are now choosing to live an anti-digital life in order to stay away from the digital world. And since communication is such an important part of human life, it is natural to have a phone close at hand. And dumbphone helps to stay away from the digital world. Due to this, the use of dumbphone is increasing day by day.

Some popular dumbphone models

A lot of information is known about dumbphones, now let’s know about some popular dumbphone models.

Nokia 3310

Everyone knows about the iconic Nokia 3310 device. This phone is famous for its sturdy body. A few years ago, a new version of the Nokia 3310 phone came out, which is now firmly in the market as either a dumbphone or a feature phone. This phone has a nostalgic design. The current version of Nokia 3310 will get dual SIM facility along with back camera.

Nokia 3310

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Nokia 225

Any phone in the market today is loaded with features, making it quite difficult to find an ordinary phone. However, Nokia 225 is a very minimal design and feature phone that will help you stay away from the digital world. From design to functionality, the Nokia 225 has a touch of simplicity in every aspect. Note that the phone has additional features such as 4G, basic camera, Facebook, Snake and more games.

Samsung Guru Music 2

Samsung Guru Music 2 phone is very popular in Bangladesh market. The design of this phone, priced at only two and a half thousand rupees, is very handy, and the phone has a great battery backup. The phone also does not have 3G or any camera. But the battery backup of Samsung Guru Music 2 is quite amazing. If you’re really thinking of ditching your digital life altogether, then this dumbphone might be the ideal choice for you.

Nokia 6300 4G

The new version of the popular Nokia 6300 model is the Nokia 6300 4G. Again you can call this phone the upgraded version of Nokia 3310. However, it would be wrong to call this phone a complete dumbphone, because this phone has the convenience of using apps. That is, this phone can be called a combination of smartphone and dumbphone.

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The outstanding feature of Nokia 6300 4G is its long lasting 1500 mAh battery. Along with 4GB internal storage, this phone has the opportunity to use 256GB external SD card. There is also a 0.3 megapixel camera on the back of the phone.

Nokia 2760 Flip

I was hesitant to put the Nokia 2760 flip phone on the list of dumbphones. Because the design of this phone may seem like a futuristic phone to many people. But it’s actually one of the best additions to the world of dumbphones.

Like the other phones on the list, the Nokia 2760 Flip’s battery life is pretty amazing. The main attraction of this phone may have been understood by hearing its name, this phone can be flipped When flipped, the size of the phone is quite small and it fits almost anywhere. This phone also has 4G, some smart apps and a 2-megapixel back camera.

What is your opinion on dumbphones? Let us know in the comment section.

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