Marshall University Information in US

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  • Be the best University in the US founded in 1837 with more than 100 programs of Bachelors, Masters and PhD
  • Be ranked the best public university in the South” of “the Best Universities list in America” according to US News & World Report
  • Be a Public Universities funded by the Government, tuition and living expenses is affordable at Marshall University
  • Small class (percentage of students out of teachers is 19: 1)
  • Lecturer has high professional quality (84 percents of the lecturer have Ph.D. or the highest degree in the majors)
  • The school has many English programs, especially Transfer programs of INTO Marshall
  • Good quality, affordable, small group size class, friendly and healthy environment are the features to create a unique Marshall

Marshall University Information in US

Marshall University Information in US

An ideal place to study

Marshall University is located on Huntington, West Virginia is a small and safe city with 50.000 inhabitants at the foot of the Appalachian Mountain, along the Ohio River – West Virginia.

Inspite of being located in a small city, Marshall is a just big city like Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Columbus taking few hours by car.

Marshall University’s campus is located close to shopping areas, restaurants, cinemas and banks in the Huntington city center.

At school, students can just study just relax at the recreation center, sport area, modern library, self- study room opening 24 hours, the academic supporting services for students and activities for cultural exchanging organized regularly.


Marshall University is a Public University offering a variety of curriculums distributed in 10 faculties system of the school:

  • Faculty of Business.
  • Faculty of Education / Master of Educational Development and career
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Health Care
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanity Art
  • Science
  • Faculty of Press and Mass Communication
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy


Marshall University combined with INTO is provided Transfer programs and English programs to help international students prepare a solid foundation for the next academic years of a Bachelor or Master degree.


The school has more than 50 University programs awarding Bachelor degrees in the fields of Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Life Science, Health Science, Press, Education and Humanity Art.

  • School fee is estimated13.930 dollars each year for international student (without including living cost).


Tightening English ability and developing learning skill besides specialized subjects, Bachelor Transfer program help students become confidently to study the second year of University.

  • Help students easily start specialized subjects while developing their English skills
  • The transfer programs at school include: Business, Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Fine Arts, Synthesis, Technology and Interactive Science
  • Tuition of this program is 9.950 dollars- 17.950 dollars for Bachelor program within 1-2 semesters


The school has more than 50 programs for awarding master’s degree and PhD in the fields such as: Fine Art, Biological Science, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Information System, Humanity, Psychology, and Criminal Justice.

  • Tuition for MA program is estimated 15.430 dollars / year for international students (not including living expenses)


Both developing English skills and study skill, this program helps International students become easier and more successful when studying the next years of the Masters degree at Marshall University

  • Students can easily access the specialized courses in the Master’s program, while developing their English ability efficiently
  • The program includes the industries: Business Administration (MBA), Engineering, TESOL, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Management of Health Care System, Human Resource Management, Information System, Mathematic, Safety, sport Management, and technology Management
  • Fees: 10.950- 19.950 dollars for program within 1 to 2 semesters

LEARNING ENGLISH Marshall University Information in US

This program at INTO Marshall can help international students prepare English ability for learning program awarded the degree in the United States.

  • Class: 20 hours out of each week training students skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing in preparation for quality tests in academic years
  • This program including 6 levels with program sizes from 18-20 students
  • After successful completion of English for this one, students can subscribe to Transfer programs or programs awarding the degree directly.
  • Fees: 5.100 dollars / semester more information of this college

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