Learn what Grameenphone Flexiplan is and how to launch it

Grameenphone subscribers can take advantage of a great feature called Flexiplan. In this post you will know what Grameenphone Flexiplan is, its benefits and usage rules in detail.

What is Grameenphone Flexiplan?

Grameenphone is the top telecom company in Bangladesh. GP has easily won the hearts of customers with their industry-leading technology and 4G services. And Flexiplan system is Grameenphone’s custom offer package facility. With Grameenphone Flexiplan, customers can buy internet, talk time and SMS as per their requirement. In addition to buying internet, talk time and SMS as per one’s wish, a customer can also select the duration of these items on his own through Flexiplan.

For those who are looking for a low cost internet pack, their flexi plan may come in handy. Grameenphone’s Flexiplan journey started in 2015. From then on, Grameenphone customers can use this service to buy internet, SMS or talk time at their convenience.

Flexiplan can be used through Grameenphone’s website as well as MyGP app. This service can be used by downloading MyGP app from Play Store or App Store. Whether you buy minutes or the internet, the GP Flexiplan app can be very useful for special needs.

Grameenphone Flexiplan allows you to purchase internet, minutes, or SMS. The features and conditions of Flexiplan are given below:

  • Both prepaid and postpaid GP users can use this service MyGP app or Web portal Through this
  • In the process of buying a pack, the expiration date can be selected at the end. Again the pack cannot be bought without selecting the expiration date
  • The link used when buying Flexiplan should not be provided to anyone else. This OTP can be shared with someone to balance the account. Use the GIFT feature if you want others to buy the pack
  • Customers can gift bundles to others if they want, a maximum of 25 gifts can be sent in one day. This GIFT option is only available in Flexiplan and MyGP apps
  • The volume or duration of Flexiplan will be different from the normal pack. Flexiplan validity (1, 3, 8, 15 and 30 days) will not be attached to normal pack
  • Before buying 4G internet, make sure that your handset supports 4G, if 4G data is not supported in your handset then internet will not be used by it. Also, if your GP SIM is not 4G, you will not be able to use 4G internet even if you buy 4G internet.

How to launch Grameenphone Flexiplan?

Flexiplan benefits can be availed through MyGP app or web portal. You can download the MyGP app from Google Play Store or Android App Store. To visit Flexiplan web portal Click here Please.

What is Grameenphone Flexiplan, how to launch it, what are the benefits?

To use Flexiplan, first download the MyGP app on your Android or iPhone. You can also access Flexiplan by accessing the mentioned web portal. Let’s find out how to buy a plan from Grameenphone Flexiplan.

  • First enter the MyGP app or web portal
  • Select how many MB of internet you want to buy, data can be selected from minimum 0 GB to maximum 40 GB. If necessary, you can pack 4G internet and select up to 200 GB (this amount may change over time).
  • Select how many minutes you want to take as required, minimum 0 minutes to maximum 1000 minutes can be selected. Only local numbers can be contacted by these minutes (this amount may change over time)
  • If you want to buy internet for use in Bioscope app, you can select the data of your choice up to 5 GB (this amount may change with time).
  • If you want to buy SMS, you can buy up to 500 local SMS (this amount may change with time).
  • Finally, select the validity of all the selected offers for how long
  • Proceed by tapping the Buy option
  • To pay with the balance in the SIM, select Mobile Balance and bKash / Card / Others option to pay through bKash / Card / Others and complete the process of buying Flexiplan by making payment.

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Learn what Grameenphone Flexiplan is and how to launch it

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Let us know about some of the benefits of Grameenphone Flexiplan.

It is already known that GP customers can use Flexiplan app to buy minutes, internet or SMS. This service can also be used to gift Flexiplan to others. Flexiplan offers the facility to create bundle packages at your convenience, and also has the opportunity to choose the term at your convenience.

This app has made it much easier for Grameenphone customers to use GP SIM. It is also great to be able to gift packs to family members or friends.

You can ask in which situation this flexiplan can come in handy. Let’s discuss a few situations where Flexiplan can come in handy. Suppose your home has a WiFi connection but you need internet even when you are out. In that case you can buy any small internet pack and talk time pack which can be valid for a long time.

Suppose again that you are going to travel somewhere for a few days, in that case you will need huge internet and minute pack for a short time which can be bought from Flexiplan. In many such situations, Flexiplan can come in handy for GP customers.

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