How to unlock iPhone without passcode

Suppose you have recently changed your iPhone passcode, but now you can’t remember the passcode. There are several effective ways to unlock a locked iPhone in such a situation. Most of the time the phone is locked due to your own fault but it is possible that someone else has locked your iPhone without your knowledge.

In this post, you will learn details about how to unlock iPhone if you forget passcode or without passcode. Let’s take a look at the situations in which you may need to unlock iPhone without passcode:

  • If you forget the password after resetting the passcode
  • If someone else resets the passcode
  • Due to entering wrong passcode too much
  • When the phone is disabled
  • If the screen is cracked and the passcode is not provided
  • If you need help in unlocking someone else’s phone
  • When important situations require iPhone unlock at hand without passcode

Many people use Touch ID or Face ID, because of which they don’t remember iPhone passcode. In that case, the passcode may need to be reset.

How to unlock iPhone without passcode

Not being able to unlock iPhone can be quite annoying If you can’t unlock your iPhone because you forgot the passcode, then follow the steps mentioned below. Note that following the mentioned rules will reset the phone in the field of unlocking the iPhone. So try to backup your important data to iCloud regularly.


You can unlock iPhone without a passcode using iTunes It is not possible to unlock iPhone using iTunes using Mac OS Catalina or later. However, iPhone can be unlocked using iTunes on a Mac or Windows computer running earlier operating systems. To unlock iPhone using iTunes:

  • Install iTunes on your Mac or computer
  • Turn off the iPhone and unplug any connections
  • Now press and hold the specific button to take the phone to recovery mode. Press and hold the Home button for iPhone 6 or earlier models, the Volume Down button for the 7 series, and the Side button for iPhone 8 and later models to enter recovery mode.
  • Press and hold the mentioned button until recovery mode appears
  • Now connect the phone to the computer
  • Select iPhone from the iTunes app and select restore when you see the restore or update option
  • Now the necessary file will be downloaded, after downloading the phone will turn off and restart
  • After the phone restarts, disconnect it from the computer and set it up normally
  • If the phone is linked to an Apple ID, you will need to sign in to that Apple ID again, otherwise you will not be able to turn on the iPhone.

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How to unlock iPhone without passcode

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Those using macOS Catalina or newer versions can unlock iPhone using Finder. To unlock iPhone using Finder:

  • Open Finder on Mac computer and connect iPhone via USB cable
  • Now enter the recovery mode as described in the iTunes section
  • After entering the recovery mode, if you see the update or restore option on the Mac screen, select Restore
  • Agree to the terms & conditions
  • Finder will download the latest iOS firmware file
  • After a while your iPhone will restart again
  • If the phone is linked to an Apple ID, you will need to sign in to that Apple ID again, otherwise you will not be able to turn on the iPhone.

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Find My

Another way to unlock iPhone without passcode is Apple’s Find My feature. One of the many benefits of the Find My app is the ability to unlock the phone without a passcode. If you forget your iPhone passcode, follow the instructions below to reset it with Find My.

  • Access from any device
  • Select the Find My option
  • Now select All Devices option from the top bar and find your locked iPhone
  • Then select Erase iPhone option
  • Confirm the action by providing your Apple ID information
  • After that, when the locked iPhone is connected to the Internet, the phone will reset and you can set it up again.

Note that stay away from trying to unlock iPhone without passcode using third-party apps. Since Apple provides you multiple ways to unlock iPhone without passcode, it is not advisable to use third-party software for the same.

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