Great news about birth registration

Birth certificates of mother and father were needed to prepare children’s birth certificates. This rule was in force for more than one and a half years which has finally been lifted. That is, from now on, the birth registration of the mother and father will not be required to register the birth of the children.

According to the information provided by the ‘Office of the Registrar General, Birth and Death Registration’, from July 27, the birth certificate of the mother and father is no longer required in the process of applying for birth registration. (It may take some time to update the entire system online.) This will make it easier to register the birth of children. Because the birth certificate of many parents is not digitized. Again, many of the certificates are in need of amendment. Due to these reasons, many people were having complications and wasting time in registering the birth of children.

Apart from this, children of separated families or children who have no contact with their parents can easily apply for birth certificate. Again, the problem of registering the birth of street children is solved by this new decision. From now on, after a child is born in a hospital, birth registration can be done easily by showing the certificate or vaccination certificate.

Earlier there was an opportunity to register birth without birth certificate of mother and father. However, this rule was changed from January 2021 and submission of birth certificate of mother and father has been made mandatory for birth registration of persons born after 2001. As a result of this decision, many were facing complications while registering new births. But finally, according to the new decision, the birth certificate of the parents will no longer be required to register the birth.

After the issue of complications in the birth registration process came to light in the media, the previous rules were reinstated after considering the issue. As a result, from July 27th, parents’ birth certificate is no longer required for online application for birth registration, according to a Prothom Alo report. from known In the same report, it was mentioned that “parents’ certificate will no longer be required for birth registration”.

Great news about birth registration!

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In the case of birth registration, it was reasonable to ask for the birth certificate of the parents. Especially considering the international usage of birth certificate, birth certificate of parents was sought. Besides, thanks to this new system, it has been possible to create unique ID of 30 lakh children. However, since birth certificates of parents are no longer required for birth registration, this opportunity no longer exists.

Note that no instructions have been issued regarding the changes mentioned in the application for birth registration. That is, this new rule will be effective directly, the result of which will be seen on the birth registration application website.

👉 Rules for applying for birth registration online

Applications for children of divorced parents and street children were so far given special consideration. In other words, there was no option to apply for birth registration of the persons mentioned online, rather they had to contact the Union Parishad or the registration office. And since the birth certificate of the parents will not be required in the case of birth registration, there is no obstacle in applying for online birth registration of children of separated parents or street children.

According to the birth and death registration rules, if a person is an orphan, disabled, third sex, unknown parentage, unidentified, homeless, vagrant, street dweller or addressless or sex worker, the information about which is unknown can be written “unavailable” at the time of application for death and birth registration. In that case, the application for birth or death registration cannot be rejected on the grounds that there is a lack of information.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the new rules for birth registration application, you can let us know in the comment section.

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