Grameenphone’s new ‘unlimited’ internet pack is here, but…

Grameenphone brought new Hourly (Hourly) unlimited internet pack. Under the Grameenphone Unlimited Internet package, internet can be purchased for 2 hours for 23 taka and 3 hours for 34 taka. Grameenphone customers can use unlimited internet conditionally during the validity of the mentioned pack. Although the packs have β€œunlimited” in their name, they are not actually unlimited. They have data limits.

Grameenphone Unlimited Internet can come in handy in many situations. Suppose you don’t have WiFi at home and need to download some very large files, in that case unlimited internet can be very useful. Again suppose you have a video meeting at certain times, which will consume a lot of internet. Grameenphone Unlimited Internet can come in handy at such times of need.

Again suppose you will do Facebook live from some place, in that case also this internet can be useful. Especially after buying a new phone or after resetting the phone, it takes a lot of data to install and update software or apps. Grameenphone’s unlimited internet can come in handy during these times.

Grameenphone customers can avail this offer by directly recharging the specified amount, and this offer can also be purchased from the My GP app. Let’s know about Grameenphone unlimited internet packages in detail.

Grameenphone 2 hours unlimited internet

Grameenphone SIM can buy 2 hours of unlimited internet for just 23 taka. This offer can be accepted directly by recharging the mobile phone for Tk 23 or from the MyGP app. Also, GP 2 Hours Unlimited Internet Pack can be purchased by dialing *121*3309#.

Unlimited internet for 23 tk for 2 hours. This internet package cannot be used to give internet to others or download heavy files (such as movies) through hotspot. Note that the maximum limit here is 8GB. That is, beyond this limit, the unlimited internet package will not be effective.

Unlimited internet pack will not auto renew. By dialing *121*1*4# you can know the amount and duration of internet. PayGo charges of Rs 6.6625 will be applicable after internet pack limit is over. This pack can be availed through recharge, but if there is any kind of emergency or remaining subscription fee, it will be deducted first, so the unlimited internet pack may not be active.

Note that the package of 2 hours of unlimited internet at 23 taka is only for Grameenphone SIM customers, Skito SIM users will not get this benefit.

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Grameenphone's new 'unlimited' internet pack is here, but...

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GP 3 hours unlimited internet

Grameenphone is offering unlimited internet pack for 3 hours at 34 taka. The pack can be purchased by directly dialing *121*3312# along with recharge of 34 taka and MyGP app. Like the first pack mentioned, that pack cannot be used by anyone else through Hotspot. You cannot download heavy files or movies with it as per the terms of GP.

34 Tk unlimited internet validity is 3 hours. Maximum 12GB internet can be used under this Grameenphone Unlimited Internet Pack.

Like the first pack, this pack is not auto renewed and balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*4#. Similarly PayGo charges of Rs 6.6625 will be deducted after the allotted internet is exhausted. Skito SIM users will not get this offer, the offer is only for Grameenphone users. You can know more from GP official page from

How do you like GP’s new “unlimited” internet packages? Do you use them? Share your opinion in the comments!

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