Best freelancing website for Bangladesh

There are many freelancing websites in the world, but not all of them are suitable for Bangladeshi freelancers. Our freelancers cannot work on any freelancing platform despite having the skills due to various constraints. In this post, learn about the best freelancing websites for Bangladesh.


If you are a freelancer, you must already be familiar with Fiver. Fiverr is basically a freelancer posting a portfolio and information about his work, called a gig.

If the client likes this gig, hire the freelancer. After the work, the remuneration will be deposited in the fiver account, which can be withdrawn in the form of money through multiple channels. Many freelancers in Bangladesh work on this platform, so if you have any questions or problems, you can get solutions from various help groups or YouTube.


Upwork is another popular freelancing platform. The rules for getting a job on Upwork are the opposite of Fiver. On Upwork, a client posts a job they need a freelancer for. Freelancers can then bid for work using Upwork’s credits. Many prefer Fiver over Upwork because of its credit-based bidding system.


The website needs no re-introduction, any type of freelancer job can be found on this platform which was launched in 2009. This website also works like upwork i.e. this website works on bidding based process You can bid on jobs posted by others based on your profile. After bidding, the client will verify the freelancer and provide the work. Like Upwork, this website also has membership plans. That is, Upwork and work almost the same way.

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People Per Hour

A UK-based freelancing platform launched in 2007, People Per Hour can be a job provider for any type of freelancer. Think of this platform as a combination of Fiver and Upwork. Freelancers can post “offers” like gigs like Fiver, and if the client posts his work, freelancers can bid like Upwork through the “proposal” option. In other words, you are getting all the benefits of getting a job on this platform.

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Best freelancing website for Bangladesh

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looking for work

If you are a regular reader of banglatech, you might have heard the name of Bangladeshi freelancing platform Kazkhunji. As part of the nationwide popularity of freelancing, this site for local freelancers started its journey recently.

Similar to other ten freelancing platforms, working on a job hunting website has some amazing benefits. First of all, being a native website, the buyers are Bangladeshi, so you don’t have to know English to talk to them, which is a necessity for websites like Upwork or Fiver.

A freelancer will get all kinds of benefits in terms of payment. Many people can’t do freelancing because they don’t have access to foreign services like PayPal, Pioneer, etc. That problem does not exist with Work money can be withdrawn through Bikash, Cash, Rocket, etc. through domestic mobile banking channels.

The job search website works much like Fiver. A freelancer will post his work gig and buyers will choose the gig according to their convenience. You can start your freelancing journey with the help of the native platform

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Founded in 2001, is one of the earliest freelancing platforms that is still active. Basically, customers hire freelancers here. A unique feature of this website is that customers can hire multiple freelancers to work on the same project. ( can be a good platform for Bangladeshi freelancers due to multiple payment methods.

Which is your favorite freelancing platform as a Bangladeshi? Let us know in the comment section.

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