50 taka bonus claim time increased in Bikash

Extended time to claim 50 rupees bonus in Bikash account. Along with that, the conditions of the offer have also changed. Bkash customer will get 50 rupees cashback if they pay specific amount by saving Visa card through the app. In this post, you will know more about the bonus of 50 rupees in Vikas by saving Visa card and adding money.

Vikas 50 rupees bonus

You can get a bonus of 50 rupees by saving the visa card in the Bkash app. To get a bonus of 50 rupees, you will get a cashback bonus of 50 rupees if you save 1,000 rupees or more ad money by saving the Visa card in the Bikash account from the Bikash app. Certain development users can get this bonus by saving the Visa card in their account and adding money.

Vikas 50 ed money bonus offer will run from 12th August to 15th September. Earlier the Visa card saving offer was till 31st July. Then the offer came in August. And now the offer period has been extended till mid-September.

Now let’s briefly know about the rules to get Bikash 50 Taka bonus. Please read the entire terms and conditions before attempting to take up the offer.

  • To get Tk 50 Bikash bonus, add Tk 1,000 or more to your own account by saving Visa card in Bikash account.
  • If visa card is already saved in Bkash app then no bonus will be available by paying ad money
  • This bonus will be available if you add money using Card to Bikash feature of Bikash app
  • A Visa card can be used to claim the bonus during the campaign period
  • A development user can enjoy this bonus only once
  • By following the mentioned process correctly BKash customer will get cashback bonus of Rs.50 within 2 days (working days).
Ways to get development bonus money

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Now let’s know about the conditions to get Bikash Rs 50 cashback.

  • Active customers of Bikash app who have made at least 1 time ad money from Bikash card to Bikash โ€œown accountโ€ but have not saved their VISA card, this offer is applicable if they save VISA card and make 1,000 or more ad money.
  • If the visa card has not been saved before, then if you save the visa card and spend 1,000 rupees or more, you will get a cashback bonus of 50 rupees.
  • No bonus will be given if you pay Bkash Ed from your already saved Visa card
  • Bikash may cancel the customer’s Bikash account if any evidence of fraud is found
  • Vikas shall not be responsible for non-payment of cashback bonus due to customer account issues
  • Bkash reserves the right to change any information related to the offer or to take any decision related to the offer
  • Bikash shall not be responsible in case of non-receipt of bonus due to any problem related to Visa card

To know how to save Visa card and add money in Bkash account, see our detailed post. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Rules for using visa card in bkash account. Know more details of the offer Bkash official page from

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